Direct PureView comparison gig footage: Nokia 808 and Lumia 920

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Aha - now this is a good direct demonstration of the differences in the two Nokia PureView camera phones in video capture mode, here filming the same live gig from the same vantage point, with husband using the 808 and his wife using the 920. Even better, the video editing has been done to cycle between various split screen comparisons, audio re-routing and some full-screen footage, to show off the pros and cons of each video camera very well. Kudos.

As usual, maximise the display window and 'up' the quality for best results.

However professionally the comparison has been put together, there aren't any real surprises here - the Nokia 808 produces clearer video that's better exposed and with the lossless zoom facility allowing far better stage close-ups, while the 920's strong point is that the picture is steadier, with the OIS doing its job well.

On the audio front, the stereo capture on the 808 impresses and is, I think, slightly clearer, while the 920's audio is still good for a camera phone, with the same HAAC capture as the 808 but in mono. Comments welcome.

See what you think:

From the YouTube description:

In this comparison video, I'm standing about 15 meters from the stage recording with Nokia 808 PureView and my wife is standing beside me on the right side and she is recording with Nokia Lumia 920. Because Nokia 808 PureView doesn't have any mechanical stabilizer (it has only software based stabilization) I am using a hand held mount and a camera neck strap.  The Nokia Lumia 920 doesn't need any mount or neck strap, because it has that OIS system, which works very well as You can see on that video.

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Source / Credit: Nokia 808 Recordings