Smart Cover homescreen replacement

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For anyone wanting to spice up the Symbian user interface, a new app called Smart Cover offers a new home screen replacement. The app gives a futuristic set of onscreen buttons linking to standard Symbian applications. The application is revealed whenever the screen is unlocked. Swiping from one side of the screen to the other triggers a rotational transition to the next set of buttons.

Smart Cover

Screen one links to Contacts, creating a new text message, Email, Messaging, Settings, Camera and the Phone application. Screen two gives links to the Nokia Store, Web, the standard Home screen, Music, and Photo Editor. Screen three displays a 24 hour clock, followed by links to Nokia Maps, Notes, Search, and Calendar.

Smart Cover

There's no configuration options for the application, so you cannot re-order links to your choosing. We also found that the 3D performance (in the transition effect) was very slow when tested on the Nokia N8, E7 and 700.

Smart Cover

The application costs £3.00 which is probably a little pricey for what it is, but if you like the look of the screenshots, you can pick it up at the Nokia Store, there is a free version too.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store