Border Wars - Face Off brings the shooting range to your phone

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Border Wars - Face Off is a classic shooting range game. If your gaming experience goes back far enough, think of Operation Wolf, but without the sideways scrolling and light gun. The plot of the game is simple, your are tasked with ensuring the security of your country's border from an invading force.

Border Wars Face OffBorder Wars Face Off

Things are complicated by civilians whom you have to avoid opening fire on. If you do cause civilian casualties, you'll lose points, which I'd say is getting off rather lightly.

Another thing that makes this game tougher than a whack a mole clone is that your firearm runs out of ammunition. When that happens you have to reload, which leaves you defenceless, giving the bad guys a chance to shoot back - thus depleting your health bar.

Border Wars Face OffBorder Wars Face Off

With everything going on in troubled parts of the world, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. Then again, if you don't want to take things too seriously this could while away a few minutes here and there.

Border Wars - Face Off is free in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store