Line Racing brings multi-player Tron to Symbian

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Anyone remember the Tron light cycles? OK, so the movie made for a more exciting experience than any subsequent computer game, but at least you can try your hand at Tron-style action here in Light Racing, for all touchscreen Symbian smartphones and with full 'multi-player'. I show it below on the Nokia E6....

In theory, up to four players can take part, with the remaining slots being taken up by 'AI' opponents. Though, in this case, the thought of four people trying to both watch the action and prod their icons on the tiny 2.4" E6 display is somewhat risible...!

Screenshot, Line Racing Screenshot, Line Racing

The main interface and help screens are somewhat barebones, but the game is quite configurable, not least because it runs in four different speeds, according to taste.

Screenshot, Line Racing Screenshot, Line Racing

And so to the game itself, with each human player tapping on anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation controls as needed. Though, as ever, when your light cycle returns towards you, you've got to carry out the mental leap that the controls don't also mean 'just' left and right(!) Easy enough when you get the hang of it though.

Screenshot, Line Racing

The animation is smooth, though on the small E6 screen the light cycle 'lines' are quite thin and when an AI player decides to double back on itself at light speed with zero pixels between the two tracks, it can be hard to see exactly what's going on.

Whether this is worth picking up for £1 in the Nokia Store depends on how much pleasure you derive from Tron-style racing. Personally, there's a bit too much tracing rectangles of ever decreasing size in the hope that your opponents run out of space before you do....

Source / Credit: Nokia Store