Candy Bombs is a perfectly sweet arcade puzzler

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Out for a while but not covered here yet, I thought the reduction in price of this rather nifty arcade puzzle might be an opportunity for a mini-review here. Candy Bombs combines elements of 'Columns' and 'Frozen Bubble' to produce instantly graspable gameplay which is perfectly pitched for a challenging game. Screens and link below.

Candy Bombs screenshotCandy Bombs screenshot
Although £1 to buy, there's still a promotional screen to click through, but it's so well drawn that I'll forgive the developers, Joyco - indeed these other games look worth checking out.

Candy Bombs screenshotCandy Bombs screenshot
Bare bones menus, but everything's here, right down to fine control of the background music and sound effects...

Candy Bombs screenshotCandy Bombs screenshot
Down to the game, then, blocks of four (or more) touching coloured candies of the same colour explode, with your aim in each level being to destroy a certain number of candies. The 'drop and twist and move from side to side' game mechanic is similar to Tetris and a thousand imitators.

Unusually, there's (virtual) button rather than touch-swipe control - this works surprisingly well, playing the game with two thumbs (the left hand controlling left and right). There's no multitouch, but then you'd naturally do just one operation at a time, trying to line up pairs of falling candies to settle just where you want them.

Gameplay is well pitched in that candies start falling faster and a baseline of (malteser?) candies rise faster and faster, giving you less space and time to think and work with. In short, Candy Bombs is well pitched and quickly gets into "Oh, darn, missed that one, now I'm really going to have to think and move like a dervish to survive!" territory.

You can buy Candy Bombs for £1 here in the Nokia Store.

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