TaxiCounter helps keep tabs on costs

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With slick mapping and address finding that belies its free status, TaxiCounter is a slick little utility that might well save you some money if you're a regular taxi cab user. Once you've set the appropriate rates for your city or area, the taxi fare for any journey can be estimated. Of course, it can't factor in jams or time of day, but hey, it's a good start, and may well identify a taxi firm that's either good value or ripping you off...

Screenshot, TaxiCounterScreenshot, TaxiCounter

At the heart of TaxiCounter is the ability to change currency and the various parameters of taxi ride costings, with subtleties like startup costs and minimum prices. Start and stop points can be selected by simply double tapping the map - the approximate addresses are then looked up online (e.g. "15 Haddon Drive, Woodley") and the cost calculation done.

Screenshot, TaxiCounterScreenshot, TaxiCounter

It's easy to edit this dialog and change the calculations. The 'Contact' tab is to record the details of your most used taxi firms (handy, though you'd have thought they'd already be in Contacts), while 'Counter' simply starts a calculation based on your current position and time, i.e. so you can compare what's on the taxi's meter with what's on screen. 

TaxiCounter appears to be developed by a French developer and the English isn't perfect, but it's free and it's potentially quite useful, so no complaints here.

You can download TaxiCounter here for free in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store