Incredible Circus comes to Belle FP2

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No, amazingly, this isn't a totally new game, but a) it's recently updated in the Nokia Store (presumably Belle FP2 compatibility - I was testing it on the Nokia 808) and b) we've never even mentioned it before on AAS. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you the graphics-accelerated, physics-based [fanfare] Incredible Circus for Symbian. Well, screenshots of it running, anyway, along with some impressions.

Screenshot, Incredible CircusScreenshot, Incredible Circus
Glossy splash and menu screens impress, along with some jaunty music (which can be turned down or off altogether)....

Screenshot, Incredible CircusScreenshot, Incredible Circus
There are two level packs of around 50 levels, which (as you'll see later) should be enough for almost anyone; (right) hints are shown where needed to let you know the game mechanic about to be introduced - here it's an elastic platform

Screenshot, Incredible CircusScreenshot, Incredible Circus
You control the platforms and other interface elements, trying to bounce the daredevil stuntman off elastic platforms, off bouncy barriers, avoiding missiles and onto the (higher) destination platform - quite a stunt. In fact, the difficulty level is surprisingly high. I got stuck on about level 9 of the first pack - but then maybe I'm just not cut out for the circus!

Screenshot, Incredible CircusScreenshot, Incredible Circus
As you might expect, you accumulate score and gradually unlock successive levels; (right) the next level pack, ready and waiting

You can download Incredible Circus for free here in the Nokia Store. It's not clear exactly why it's free, but maybe we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth - grab it for a rainy day?!

Maybe you've grabbed this in the past and are an old hand at Incredible Circus? If so, how far did you get and what did you think of the difficulty curve?

Source / Credit: Nokia Store