Checking yourself with BMI Calculator: Ideal weight

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Body Mass Index calculators are fairly common in the application world, but this new Qt-written one caught my eye by virtue of being attractive, foolproof and free. BMI Calculator: Ideal weight also graded me in the green, for which I'll be thankful as I head towards the pizza isle in the supermarket....

Here's BMI Calculator: Ideal weight in action:

Screenshot, BMI Calculator: Ideal weight

Now here's an easy question to answer! Note, by the way, that there's no advertising, not even an 'About' Screen or promos - this is simply attractive and free.

Screenshot, BMI Calculator: Ideal weight

Easy entry in either units system...

Screenshot, BMI Calculator: Ideal weight

And a classy graphical depiction of where you are on the BMI scale. It seems I'm in the 'normal' range - phew!

You can grab this for free here in the Nokia Store. About the only downside I spotted was that there's no official way to 'exit' the application. You end up having to press the 'Hangup' key if your phone has one or using the 'close' function in the Symbian multitasking carousel. Ah well.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store