Immaculate 'Fall HD' theme perfectly reflects the season

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Although we're still at the boundary of Belle Feature Pack 2 vs 'the rest' compatibility, and thus the commercial theme Fall HD, shown below, doesn't work fully with the latest Symbian version on the Nokia 808 and 701, it's a cracking theme install on every other version of modern Symbian, with immaculate attention to detail (see the keys, below) and perfectly suiting the Autumn feel here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here's Fall HD installed on my (recently optimised!) Nokia N8:

Lovely atomospheric wallpaper, and matched with subtle highlights throughout the theme; (right) the range of custom icons is immense, I noticed (not shown) that even quickly favourite games like Micropool had been included in the custom icon set.

The virtual keyboard elements are terrific, with lovely autumn-coloured lines and blocks; (right) subtle shading and gradients are shown throughout the interface

You can buy Fall HD from the Nokia Store for £1.50. Pretty good, a premium theme that's worth paying for on a pre-Belle FP2 device.

PS. If the developer's reading this, the issue on Belle FP2 is that the themed keyboard doesn't appear - maybe there could be a FP2-keyboard-compatible version produced?

Source / Credit: Symbian Tweet