'Retro'? THIS is retro: Alien Juggler takes you back 30 years!

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Remember 'Game & Watch'? I do. Just about. We're talking 1980 or so, so over 30 years ago. A time in which games ran at one frame a second with a resolution of.... well, less than about 20 pixels per inch. In fact, some of the pixels were actually balls, racing cars, or, in this case, alien heads and limbs. Alien Juggler takes you back to those early days of handheld gaming with a simple (but not easy) juggling game, implemented in glorious monochrome.

Screenshot, Alien JugglerScreenshot, Alien Juggler
'Game 1' is juggling two balls from side to side, catching them in your strange alien scoop-shaped hands and then launching them upwards again. Sounds easy? Not so - the balls travel at different speeds, so you'll have to constantly re-adjust your rhythm in order to keep catching; (right) miss and it's game over.

Screenshot, Alien JugglerScreenshot, Alien Juggler
'Game 2' is err.... the same as 'Game 1' but with three balls rather than two! (right) tapping 'ACL' bottom right produces something of an LCD test, showing the possible 'pixels' (strangely without some of the hand positions).

You can buy Alien Juggler for £1 in the Nokia Store. Buy it for the novelty value, perhaps? Or because it brings back happy memories of your childhood in 1980?

Source / Credit: Nokia Store