Star Jim a challenging platformer

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I honestly don't know what to make of Star Jim, a refuge from the iOS world that's now available on Symbian. You see, this platform game has a steep difficulty curve and I find my arcade skills rather rusty - I can't seem to play for more than a minute without the dreaded 'Game Over'. Is it just me? Screens and links below if you fancy trying your hands instead!

The game is slick from start to finish, running (unusually) in portrait mode throughout; (right) your goal is to bounce around each level collecting all the stars, which are apparently out of place and your job is to 'save the universe' - ho hum....

Appropriately, the levels are structured as stars in constellations - very neat, even if I couldn't make it past the first few levels!; (right) a short reminder of the game mechanics before starting, each time

Star Jim in action - the graphics are clear and there are some cute sound effects throughout. The joystick is your controller and works well once you get the hang of the somewhat outrageous gravity-defying physics.

You can buy Star Jim for £1 here in the Nokia Store. Definitely worth a pound if you're a platformer at heart!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store