247 Sport offers top UK-centric sports news and live stats

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Need to know the current score in that Test Match or horse race? How far behind Seb Vettel is Fernando Alonso in Formula 1? Launched a few days ago, 247 Sport on Symbian is a lot more than a humble portal to a web site - it's a genuine data-focussed client for the 247 Sport new services, implemented in Qt and rather slick. Screenshots and links below.

As the dialog implies, there's a data connection through to the 247 Sport servers - but don't worry, it's all still a lot more efficient than browsing for sport information in a web browser window; (right) by default, you're thrust into the 'Live' view, which knows about sporting events happening today/now - tap a blue banner to show the salient live stats. 

Note the 'refreshing' icon at the top of the screenshots here - it seems as if this may be for a banner ad, but I'm guessing that the ad servers haven't been hooked up yet....

The 'Sports' tab shows the range of sports covered - nothing too minority here, though 'athletics' is here, covered under 'Olympics'; (right) the 'News' sections have illustrated news stories for each sport and are well curated.

The statistics screens for each sport/championship are particularly impressive, working very well within the dedicated client (i.e. data panes scroll beneath headings) and not having to rely on web page formatting.

Checking out the latest cricket score and (right) about the application - there are various mutterings in the text (below the intro shown) about payment and licensing - but I'm guessing this is for other versions and implementations - the 247 Sport app is free on Symbian.

You can download 247 Sport for free here from the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store