Low light firework sky trails with the 808

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As it's officially 'fireworks night' tonight, and in light of my recent testing of the WP-powered Nokia Lumia 920 and its low light capabilities, I thought I'd link to a great example of how well the existing Symbian-powered Nokia 808 PureView can do under severe low light conditions. No, not Xenon-lit, just raw captures of a firework display from a mile away. Very pretty indeed!

Here are a couple of the photos submitted by Twitter user 'Wareham Weather' - for the technically minded they were shot in 3MP Creative mode

Full 808 3MP fireworks image from a mile away

Full 808 3MP fireworks image from a mile away

See the source link and the Twitter feed above for links to more photos and original versions.

(I've left the images above in 3MP and you're seeing them resampled on the fly by the AAS responsive design - enlarge your browser window to see the images larger, if that's possible for you!)

Source / Credit: PureView Club