Tweetian hits v1.6, goes open source(!), adds font choice, image zooming and stability

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Terrific news for Tweetian fans today - the free Twitter client for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle just got itself a raft of updates and has also now been made 'open source', which means that Symbian/Qt programmers can now contribute to making Tweetian even better. The full changelog and screens are below.

Screenshot, Tweetian 1.6 installScreenshot, Tweetian 1.6 install
Having to remove Tweetian 1.5 is a pre-requisite and unusual, but there are apparently technical reasons under the hood. Just long press the v1.5 icon and choose 'Delete', etc. You'll also, having installed the new version 1.6 from the Nokia Store, have to re-authenticate with Twitter - the app guides you through this, don't worry.

Screenshot, Tweetian 1.6 installScreenshot, Tweetian 1.6 install
There's now the choice of 'small' (shown left) or 'large' (right), though the difference between the two is fairly small - Peter, if you're reading this, can I have 'extra large' please? 8-)

Screenshot, Tweetian 1.6 installScreenshot, Tweetian 1.6 install
Performance of Tweetian is now excellent, the client comes highly recommended. It's not Gravity, but then it's freeware and for Twitter-only users probably does 90% of the same job. Being written in Qt and QML, it's a great advert for the development system and is also available for the Meego-powered Nokia N9.

From the developer's blog:

IMPORTANT: Due to a huge backend changes in the app, previous version of Tweetian (v1.5 or below) need to be uninstall first before update to 1.6.


  • New feature: Mute
  • Showing both full name and user name in tweets/DMs
  • Huge improvement to app back end, the whole app should be more stable now
  • Streaming is much more stable
  • Auto scrolling for new tweets when you are at the top of the list and streaming is active
  • Pinch-to-zoom image
  • Added small or large font size setting
  • Improvement to Settings UI
  • Automatically clear thumbnails when there are more than 1000 thumbnails
  • "Suggested User" moved to the trending andamp; search page
  • New feature: Nearby tweets
  • The app will automatically goes online/offline depends on your phone's internet connection
  • Improve app offline capability
  • Disabled refresh in DM when streaming is active
  • Removed the swipe design in user page as it is not efficient
  • Removed the image/geotagged icon for tweets to improve performance
  • Fixed:
    • timeline/mentions will jump when loading new tweets
    • duplicated tweet
    • "Website" is disable for private user in user info
    • not displaying Instagram image with a dash in the link
    • all tweets marked as unread when new tweets are loaded
    • attempt-fix profile image is display wrongly for user
There are a few known issues with v1.6 on Symbian, namely:
  • Sometimes Tweetian will not be notified when the phone's internet connections goes online or offline
  • Sometimes the app will crash if you press the back button when something is loading at the current page. Try to wait for the loading process to complete first.
Tweetian is now open source and you can find the full source code at GitHub (GPL v3+). Contributions are welcomed!

Source / Credit: Dickson's Apps