The Nokia 808 (images) and N9 (design notes) in Oman

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AAS reader Rohit Nair lives in Oman, described as 'a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and blue skies', and, owning a Nokia 808 PureView, couldn't resist shooting a rather splendid set of photos of his native land, linked below. He does note 'some niggles' though, returning to his Nokia N9 as a main device, despite the worse battery life. See below.

Rohit writes:

I'm a big fan of AAS and know you appreciate Nokia's camera tech as much as I do. I have been meaning to upload some of the best shots I took with my N8 and 808 PureView for a while and I finally got around to doing it... They're mostly from my travels and home - Oman. It's a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and blue skies (unless the sun's too bright). I got to experiment quite a bit with the N8 as I had it for almost two years. It stills works perfectly and has been handed down to my fiancé, who absolutely loves it.

I currently use an N9 and I use the 808PV exclusively for multimedia. There are still some niggles that draw me back to the N9 and it's very hard to let go of that beautiful design. But any long trips and the 808PV gets tucked into my pocket first. The battery is stellar and better than the N9. It can chug along with Maps, Drive, music (via FM or aux) and all the images I take, without dying on me. I have not had a chance to really open the taps with the 808PV, but I will keep looking for great shots to showcase the fantastic imaging abilities. 

In the meantime, here's a selection of my favourite 808 snaps:

For the record, I'm a huge Nokia/Symbian fan and wish that Symbian would eventually get skinned with a Harmattan-esque UI. However, I'm a tech journalist and constantly get a stream of cheap Android devices to play with and I can say, with confidence, that Symbian Belle (barring the low resolution/slightly pixelated icons) looks far better than Android (especially on the Sony Xperias) and is extremely functional too.

Thanks, Rohit! Here's my favourite of his sun-blessed Oman photos:

808 shot in Oman

Some wonderful depth of field 'feel' here, and even shooting into the sun and blowing out the 808's sensor somehow adds atmosphere.

One thing to try for future shots, Rohit, is to use the 'Spotlight' scene setting or manual exposure dropping (by a stop or two) in Creative mode - you'd capture a bit more of the detail in the sky, since the 808 does have a slight tendency to err on the side of over-exposure.... Best of all, use a tripod and take two shots and then HDR them together?

See the Flickr stream for Rohit's full set!

Source / Credit: Rohit Nair