The Nokia 808 clocked at 360 microseconds

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The mechanical shutter and advanced image processor in the Nokia 808 PureView's camera is known to be flexible - but I was interested to see that one (geeky) owner decided to see how far he could push the shutter speed. 1/2747th of a second was the answer, shooting with some admittedly artificial settings. 360 or so microseconds - that's pretty quick, though I'll be looking for a shot of something actually moving, next time, Abdul...

Here's the shot in question, and Abdul's comment:

Example photo

Nice work - if incredibly artificial! Especially firing the Xenon as well!

I wonder what the longest shutter time possible is, on the Nokia 808? Looks like 2.7 seconds is the record, achieved with a little trickery too, with results shown below. 360 microseconds to 2.7 seconds isn't bad for shutter flexibility in a camera phone....!

2.7s exposure!


Source / Credit: 808 group on Flickr