OBDAutoDoctor helps diagnose your OBD2-compatible car

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It's not often we feature an application that we haven't actually tried out at all, but in the case of OBDAutoDoctor our excuse is that we're a) not mechanically minded enough, b) our cars are too old to register more than a failed lamp or two, and c) you need a special hardware adapter to make the connection between your car's On Board Diagnostics port and your smartphone. With a suitable kit in hand though, this application (in theory) lets you dig deep into the electronic heart of your modern car....

OBDAutoDoctor screenshotOBDAutoDoctor screenshot
OBDAutoDoctor's main menu, you'll get the idea of the applicaton's functions from the panels; (right) an example of the detailed status that can be read from a modern OBD2 unit

OBDAutoDoctor screenshotOBDAutoDoctor screenshot
The gateway to sensor data, for which I'd need some hardware and a newer car! (right) real time mirroring of dashboard dials is also included

OBDAutoDoctor screenshotOBDAutoDoctor screenshot

In the settings, there's plenty to set up for your particular car, plus the all important Bluetooth connection button; (right) working in the 'Dragstrip' section - I'm assuming that this doesn't involve an actual drag strip!

OBDAutoDoctor is available, somewhat curiously, in both Lite (free) and Pro (commercial) forms, doubtless there are advanced functions which don't work on the Lite version, but I couldn't possibly say what they are(!) 

Source / Credit: Nokia Store