MemInfo now in the Nokia Store, reveals RAM use

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Available in SIS form in a previous version for ages, the free MemInfo has now had a little bit of a facelift and, importantly, is in the Nokia Store, for easy discovery and installation. Don't worry, it's still free and offers the usual at-a-glance readout of RAM (a stat hidden by Symbian and its built-in apps) and other disks on your phone. If you don't have another geek tool that provides RAM stats, then perhaps grab this one?

One thing you will have to forgive (easily done, given that the utility is free, mind...) is that the Turkish author has resolutely stuck to keeping the toolbar functions in his native language:


So, for your edification, and showing off my extensive grasp of Turkish(!), I can reveal that 'Gizle' means 'Hide' and 'Cikis' means 'Exit'. Ha! Note the security warning that seems to pop up whenever MemInfo is started. A little annoying...

The four application/settings shortcuts aren't configurable, but they are at least appropriate to the utility theme, taking you to (in order) 'Settings>Installations', 'Files', 'SW Update' and 'Settings>Themes'.

You can grab MemInfo for free in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store