SwipeUnlock brings a dash of the N9 and Belle FP2 to mainstream Symbian

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SwipeUnlock has been out for a while, but this v1.4 represents a major update. The utility replaces the standard 'unlock' button on the lockscreen with a MeeGo (or indeed Belle FP2)-style wallpaper that can be swiped away. The effect is very nice, made even cooler by the music player integration, shown below, wherein the album art for the current track is used full-screen as the swipeable wallpaper and with working music playback controls.

Music art/control lockscreen

The changelog for v1.4 is: 

  • fixed bug with active call, app does not freeze now 
  • multiple notifications in one time 
  • music album cover is set up as wallpaper, while player is playing 
  • open now playing by tap on song name, exit by player pause/play hold
  • new options to hide sms content or disable all notifications 
  • transparent and semi-transparent wallpapers are supported now (for Symbian^3 generation devices: N8, E7 , etc ...)
(left) There's plenty of configurability, including the all important option to disable the function temporarily (many auto-start apps don't allow this), the decision on which notifications to show, which default wallpaper to show, plus a set of application assignments (that I haven't worked out at all - anyone know where these fit in?); (right) you can adjust the sensitivity to swipe gestures, to suit how quickly/smoothly your brain expects SwipeUnlock to work!
(left) SwipeUnlock in action again, this time with a couple of SMS notifications; (right) setting which physical button presses trigger SwipeUnlock from the lockscreen - useful if you don't like the standard side-mounted lock/wake toggle button

The effect is fairly smooth and gives a nice facelift to your interaction with a Symbian^3/Anna/Belle phone, especially if you're heavily into music and are well stocked with album art. Nicely programmed and comes recommended.

SwipeUnlock is available for £1.50 in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokialino