Skype 2.1.23 available (again) for Symbian

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The vagaries of application approval never cease to amaze, but at least Skype's now available again in the Nokia Store for Belle FP2 devices like the Nokia 808 PureView. And it's the same v2.1.23 that was released at the start of the year and which I said was safe to use a month ago - but hey, at least you know it's been tested properly now... The bad news: it's audio and chat only, you may remember - no sign of video calling and we don't expect the client to get any more updates now.

You can grab Skype for Symbian free here in the Nokia Store.


What's next? A return to availability for the Skydrive Uploader, perhaps? Come on, Nokia QA.... And if your heart's set on VoIP video calling on Symbian, we'll shout when the new version of 'fring' is available too...

Source / Credit: Nokia Store