Nokia Internet Radio now includes all main BBC radio stations

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Nokia Internet Radio has always been a useful streaming music and spoken word service, worldwide. But the BBC representation in its directory has always been small, just World Service plus some local output, essentially. In the last few days, all the main BBC radio output has been added, as shown below. As AAS reader @JonIsis says "great for us ex-pats!"

Here's the appropriate block in the 'United Kingdom' part of the station directory in Nokia Internet Radio:

BBC stations!BBC stations!

It's not clear (though it's very likely - the power of AAS!) whether the addition was prompted by James Honeyball's BBC station playlist workaround, but good to see the streams now in the main directory anyway. As shown above, the quality is decent enough, at 48kbps, encoded in AAC+ - which may not sound like a high bitrate, but in that encoding and in mono, it's perfectly sufficient, and helps keep buffering to a minimum.

One has to wonder, also, how many other useful radio stations have also now been added in the latest back-end directory updates. Have you spotted anything?

You can grab Nokia Internet Radio for free in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Twitter