Nokia's Hans Peter Brondmo on TWiT

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For those interested in the people behind the company names, here's an interesting interview on This Week in Tech's Triangulation series. Hans Peter Brondmo is Nokia's head of innovation, who joined the company as Nokia acquired his start up business. Rather than moving onto new projects, he chose to stay with Nokia and, as he explains in the interview, he now leads a group within Nokia that allows employees to take on experimental projects that are managed as venture capitol start-ups. The difference, of course, is that funding comes from Nokia, who also reaps a good deal of the rewards too.

Brondmo goes on to discuss where he sees the future of mobile computing, and that the devices we carry around with us in the next few years will not be mobile phones but will be form-factors that we haven't thought of. For example, medical computing.

Source / Credit: TWiT Triangulation