Sharp Shooter more a concept than a game

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In theory, touchscreen devices are ideally suited to shooting games - after all, trying to aim a gunsight using an old d-pad ("up a bit, down a bit" - anyone remember "The Golden Shot"?) is notoriously hard work. With a touchscreen, you just touch where you want to aim and you're done, right? Not quite - Sharp Shooter adds a twist, allowing for the weight of the gun and your own arm mechanics, as you'll see below.

If Sharp Shooter was freeware, I'd just say go grab it and see for yourself, but it's commercial, at £1 in the Nokia Store, so you'll be looking for me to tell you whether it's any good as a game instead.

Not really. There's a very simple game structure, the actual gameplay is slightly ponderous and there are no benefits after shooting well other than seeing a higher number on the screen. Which is not to say that Sharp Shooter is without merit. Here it is in action:


About as fancy as the game structure gets - you play or err.... you exit!


There's a nice selection of backdrops included, with targets rising up out of the 'ground'. The shooting twist here is that your arm physics and the weight of the gun are 'modelled' by having significant inertia - so you'd tap or swipe off to the right to bring your gun sight to bear and it would take a second or so to finish the motion and squeeze off the shot.


In those couple of seconds, the target may well have sunk back into the ground, so you're constantly fighting against the clock to aim the gun before the target disappears.

In the blurb, the developer talks about the game 'containing beautiful landscape graphics to calm your mind while shooting'. Well, maybe. It's actually quite stressful trying to frantically aim and shoot the targets, so there's not a lot of 'calm' going on.....!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store