The ultimate Nokia E6 makeover: enter the Vertu Constellation Blue Quest

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Not that anyone reading this is going to jump out and buy one ("If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" etc.), but Nokia E6 fans might like to note that there's now a Vertu version of the device. There are a few minor specification changes, but most of the alterations are cosmetic, as you'll see in the photos and video below. Good stuff. Now, how the heck do I get All About Symbian a review sample?


Here are the specifications of the Vertu Constellation Blue Quest:

  • Runs Nokia Belle OS (Symbian)
  • Length: 116mm
  • Width: 61mm
  • Depth: 13mm
  • Weight: 170g
  • Polished ultra hard blue PVD stainless steel
  • Blue carbon fibre composite pillow and back plate
  • Blue metallic sapphire crystal keyboard
  • 2-tone blue rubberised leather
  • High-fidelity 11mm x 15mm loudspeaker with dual sound ports
  • 2.46” VGA touchscreen with 16 million colours, protected by Sapphire Crystal
  • 8 megapixel EDoF camera with dual LED flash
  • Exclusive ring tones and alerts played by the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Up to 5.5 hours GSM talk time
  • Up to 3.0 hours WCDMA talk time
  • Up to 300 hours standby time
  • 3G and Quadband GSM coverage worldwide
    (WCDMA 850/2100, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks)
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro USB data and charging
  • WLAN
  • PC and Mac synchronisation
  • Modem support
  • Accurate, auto dual-time clock
  • 4GB mass memory (not expandable, as far as we know)
  • Worldmate travel application
  • Web browser

Inbox Accessories:

  • 2-tone blue rubberised leather slip case
  • Wall charger
  • V wired headset
  • Batteries
  • AV Cable

The main change from the mass market Nokia E6 (aside from the completely different materials/finish and subtle repositioning of some components) is that (if the specs are 100% correct) there's only dual band 3G and just 4GB of mass memory - not that the typical Vertu Constellation owner is going to geekily fill this with content, mind you.

The 3G is probably linked to the materials here - Nokia pull out a lot of expertise to manage pentaband 3G aerials in the E6 and this Constellation Quest makeover messes with the frame and materials significantly. With each of these Vertu devices effectively hand made and with greater use of metal, there's zero chance that the RF behaviour could be kept as good as on the original device.

The 4GB storage is curious - it's entirely possible that there's microSD as well but that the specs didn't both to mention it - the quoted specs were incomplete anyway.

To whet your appetite (should we miraculously score a review unit), here are a few close-up photos:

 Close-up photo

And, in case you fancied a little further inspiration, here's the teaser/'behind the scenes' video:

Comments welcome - would you be seen with this? Personally, this seems one of the more restrained Vertu smartphones, and at least I could have fun doing some pimping on the software side as well!

Source / Credit: Vertu