SmokeWheels - not enough smoke, not enough wheely fun?

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Ah yes, the Friday novelty game, and again I'm going to give it a little publicity because a) it involves motor racing, b) it's written in native Symbian code and works fine on everything from the resource-challenged Nokia N97 upwards, and c) it's totally free. Whether SmokeWheels is enough fun to keep you persevering through the different cars and tracks is another matter. Comments welcome!

Here's SmokeWheels, as installed on the Nokia 808:


Note the ad panels on the static screens in the game, explaining the game's price. Note also the red 'Motor' option, this turns on the phone's vibrator, making it simulate a running car engine - no, really! On the right, the online high score table.


The car basically accelerates towards your finger at all times, though it can be a little cumbersome in some directions, since your hand will be covering most of the screen! The eponymous 'SmokeWheels' come in when you turn savagely off the track, as shown here...


As you progress through the game, you can (in theory) unlock extra tracks and cars...


Taking the default Beetle for a spin - my main criticism is that the game isn't fast paced or difficult enough - and I'm not wild about the control method blocking my view. Oh, and a miniature outline view of the track wouldn't go amiss, so that you know what's coming up, corner-wise!

You can grab SmokeWheels here for free, comments welcome!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store