FlagMines brings the classic puzzle bang up to date

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Take a very experienced Symbian developer, take a classic puzzle game, take the modern graphically-accelerated Symbian devices and put them all together in a pot - and you get the rather new and rather excellent FlagMines, available in both full and (free) 'lite' versions at the Nokia Store now. You won't be surprised to learn that this is the Windows classic MineSweeper, but Digia have added such a huge degree of intuitive touch-friendliness that I can't help but recommend it as a really pleasant way to puzzle away a spare half hour...

Here's FlagMines in action on both nHD-screened smartphones like the Nokia C7 and N8: 


Note that Digia has sensibly decided to go with the phone screen being a window onto a larger game grid - in this way, the harder levels can have truly massive grids yet remain just as playable. And a big help to players like me with less than 20:20 vision!

And here's FlagMines on the VGA-screened Nokia E6, note the full range of grid difficulties in the paid version of the game (only 'Beginner' and 'Easy' are available in the 'Lite' one):



The touch handling is first class. Swipe around the grid, long tap to place a flag, single tap to test a square, and so on. Very slick indeed. Note the animated stars and visual effects when you open up a new area of the grid.

You can grab FlagMines in both full (£1.50) and (free) 'lite'versions at the Nokia Store now. Recommended.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store