Molome update adds Google Drive and Picasa, plus privacy functions

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Instagram competitor Molome hasn't been mentioned much since the review of version 1.0 here by Rafe a year ago (video embedded below for reference), but it's been receiving significant updates steadily over the last twelve months. Version 2.2.1 (changelog below) adds support for two services, removes another and enhances the app's privacy options. Rather oddly, I had issues - more data points welcome!

Here's the changelog for v2.2.1 (over v2.1)

  • Weibo removed from sharing list due to API changes
  • Privacy option added, you could protect your account or just a single photo. You can also block unwanted users
  • Added Google Drive and Picasa as sharing destinations
  • Qt 4.8 now supported
  • Fixed the display problems on older S60 5th Edition phones
  • Other bug fixes and optimisations

Molome works as you might expect, presenting an easy way of uploading modified/filtered photos to a wide variety of social and imaging networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Picasa
  • VK
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

Do note that uploads are limited to 600x600 pixels though, similarly to the popular Instagram. OK for viewing on mobile devices, but not much more, to be honest. Comments welcome on an imaging social network that supports decent size uploads....

Here's Molome v2.2.1 in action:


Applying effects...


Linking to, and uploading to, Flickr....


Adjusting the privacy settings for an upload/share....


Uploading seemed to go OK to Google Drive, and is shown in the timeline, though accessing Google Drive on the desktop only showed an empty folder. Odd. Anyone got any comments?


Linking and uploading seemed to go OK as well to Dropbox, and is shown in the timeline, though again back on the desktop, in a web browser, there was just an empty folder. Odd, odd, odd.....

For reference, here's Rafe's look at the original v1.0, installed on his Nokia 701:

Source / Credit: Nokia Store