Chippy talks 808 and 920 at Photokina

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Photokina, a German photographic trade show, has played host to Nokia again who have been touting their photographic wares. Nokia certainly have a lot of toys to show off this year with the Nokia 808 Pureview and the Nokia Lumia 920. Naturally, there was fair amount of coverage from the technology press, including Engadget and friend of these sites, Steve 'Chippy' Paine. 

Demonstrating its new imaging technology in person to photography experts will have been a good way of winning favour with influencers and bloggers after the unfortunate faked footage incident. Talking of press coverage, Photokina also hosted the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) Awards Ceremony, where the award that the Nokia 808 Pureview won in April was officially presented to Nokia representatives.

Whereas the 808 Pureview sovles the problem of zooming in, the 920 solves the problem of low-light photography by using an increased aperature and optical image stabilsation to reduce camera shake during long exposures.

Nokia Conversations inteviewed Steve Paine (aka Chippy) who spoke about his use of both the Nokia 808 Pureview and the Lumia 920:

“Very often, you have only one chance to take a picture and the Nokia Lumia 920 clearly gives you the possibility to get it right” says blogger Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine.

“I use my DSLR for work, but in my everyday life I rely on the Nokia 808 PureView, with which I can capture so much more memories and emotions than without a camera; now I am very excited about the Nokia Lumia 920, because it basically allows me to take five times more usable photos.”

Steve Paine with the 808 at Photokina

Steve Paine with the 808 at Photokina, image from Nokia Conversations

Chippy has also published a video, demoing the Nokia Lumia 920 camera, from his visit to Photokina.

Video description:

Live hands on with the Nokia Lumia 920 demonstrating OIS features WRT low light and video stabilization.

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations