Adding a splash of spectrum colour with JustColor Lines

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Anyone remember the earliest days of the Web? When a spectrum graphic across the page was the height of cool? JustColor Lines will possibly appeal as a retro theme in such a case (though it's more than just coloured lines), or it may simply be a way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise toned down AMOLED-friendly theme. Either way, there are screens and links for this premium Symbian theme below...

We at AAS do like to buy premium themes to save you having to, just to see what they look like in detail. So, here's JustColor Lines in action:

JustColor Lines screenJustColor Lines screen
I'm not sure I like the mini-spectrums beneath the keyboard elements - a step too far?

JustColor Lines screenJustColor Lines screen
A surprising number of icon elements are attractively themed in colour...

JustColor Lines screenJustColor Lines screen
In most cases the custom icons look very attractive, though that Store one stands out as a little odd!

Not bad, overall though. You can buy JustColor Lines for £1.50 here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store