qooWeather updated, now providing weather widgets on the Nokia E6!

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It's all very well Nokia Maps Suite including a weather forecast widget, but it has never been available on the Nokia E6 because of the vagaries of the higher resolution screen. Fear not though, weather-wary E6 fans, because the latest version 3.1 of 'qooWeather Widget' includes support for the E6 and, indeed the forecasts look rather splendid on Nokia's smallest and highest resolution smartphone touchscreen. v3.1 also adds facelifted icons - recommended, at only £1 in the Nokia Store.

Readers may remember the apparently limited choice of locations in the original versions of qooWeather widget - you can now type in the name of almost any town or city and it'll get matched by the underlying WorldWeatherOnline system. In my case it had no trouble picking up 'Reading', though caveat emptor if you go for somewhere obscure whose name isn't unique, since there's no way of confirming which town of that name is being used.

Here's qooWeather Widget installed on my Nokia E6: note that there are actually two widget variants - 'Forecast' and 'Now' - and you can have one or other or both. Also in the screenshot below is qooCalendar, which also comes in two variants, this is the 'Events' one...


Tapping each widget refreshes the data, plus there's a configurable refresh rate in the qooWeather setting dialog/app, shown below:


Great to have a weather forcast on the E6 homescreen, at long, long last, and shame on the Nokia Maps Suite team for not bringing us an official version of the Nokia Weather module's widget for this device.

You can buy qooWeather Widget on the Nokia Store for £1.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store