David Detko's top 10 Nokia 808 PureView photos

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As recommended by Nokia Conversations, David Detko's photographic eye behind the (white) Nokia 808 PureView produced some pretty impressive photos, a couple of which are shown below, with links. The most amazing thing is that Nokia asked for the 808 back after the 'trial period', if I were the folks at Nokia PR I'd have let David keep it on the precondition of carrying on producing wonderful public photos with it....

Here are two of my favourites from the 'top 10' reproduced. Firstly, "Darling eye":

Darling eye

(Original photo here)

From the piece:

A few days later I went on a photo tour with my girlfriend in Szeged. We rested at the edge of the fountain front of the museum, when I saw an opportunity in my girlfriend’s eyes. At this time, I already knew the capabilities of the PureView, so this amazing photo was quickly born!

Here's another shot, "Lightning and love":

Lightning and love

(Original photo here)

From the piece:

Another night we went to Siofok, and at dawn was a big lightning storm, which I also managed to create a stunning photo of while lying on a bench.

If there's anything we can learn from David's photos in the Nokia Conversations 'top 10', it's that patience is required. Yes, you need a good eye and a great camera (phone), but some of his shots needed either a lot of hanging around, a lot of photos, or both. It's absolutely not a failure if you have to take photos of something transient or tricky and ending up using only one. The secret is to only show that one to your public!

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations