Angry Birds - the theme!

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I seem to have missed this one when it came out in the summer, so, just in case you haven't seen it yet... Presenting Angry Birds - the theme! Not just a quick wallpaper job, Angry Birds the theme is surprisingly well done, as you'll see from the screenshots below. A fun alternative to whatever more serious themes you usually experiment with?

Here's 'Samy's theme in place on the Nokia E7:

Oh yes, very colourful - note the red bird mini-icon used to denote a running application 8-) And I wonder what the 'Search' application did to avoid being replaced?!

The theming (impressively) extends to icons even inside applications. Nice keyboard, if a little garish!

Oh yes... hit! The progress bar is an animated flying bird shooting across the screen.... and here's Madonna as you've never seen here before!

You can grab Angry Birds by Samy for free here.

Source / Credit: Symbian Themes