Updated: Belle FP2 on the Nokia 808 demoed - public firmware coming soon!

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Symbian may be deprecated across the retail market, but the updates to the OS keep on coming, thanks to Accenture's mandate from Nokia. Rolled out now yesterday (and then almost immediately pulled, for some reason) for the Nokia 808 PureView is/was Belle Feature Pack 2 (effectively PR 3.0) in the shape of firmware v113.xx, bringing a wealth of improvements, detailed below and also demoed below by Aliqudsi from My Nokia Blog in video form. Updated: Now with many screenshots from Asri al-Baker!

Belle FP2 on the 808 is a major, major update in terms of look, feel and functionality. It's not clear why the update appeared and then disappeared, but presumably a last tweak is being made and we should look out for it in a day or so's time.

The changelog from Belle FP1 is:

  • Swipe to Unlock shade effect for lockscreen - plus swiping on message notifications opens up Messaging directly
  • New staggered keyboard layout with word predictions presented in real time above the keyboard
  • New version of Web, (v8.3.2.21)
  • New email widget, showing one message at a time
  • Other new widgets, e.g. Notes, most of which we've seen before in Belle Refresh for older Symbian^3 generation devices
  • Refreshed Music player (v17.3.18), with artists and other tabs in a facelifted UI
  • Music player pause/play icon in the notification bar music panel
  • Lighter colour schemes by default
  • Many transparent toolbars throughout the UI, letting the screen content partially show through
  • Homescreen toolbar has added universal search icon
  • Gallery changes - now works fully in landscape mode, ALL photo details available in a detailed info pane (right down to including the exposure histogram for that shot!), multiple photo selection for deleting now possible, through a new trash can icon on the toolbar
  • Nokia Car Mode built in (in some regions?)
  • A Video editor is now included

I'll post here in more detail when v113 firmware is released properly, but for now here's Aliqudsi demonstrating some of the new features mentioned above:


Additional notes (in no particular order) from Asri al-Baker:

Video Pro
1. New app called Video Pro. A video editing software which takes a lot of design reference from Symbian^3 video editor.

alphanumeric keypadnumeric keypad

2. New design for T9 alphanumeric and numeric keypad

nokia music  nokia music
3. Nokia Music. This is a rebranded Ovi Music. (This is not similar to Nokia Music or Nokia Mix Radio on Windows Phone.)

Nokia Car mode
4. Nokia Car Mode

Reset to default
5. Additional option in the Camera UI Creative Mode in both Photo and Video - 'Reset to default'

Symbian Belle
6. Product is based on Nokia Belle instead of Symbian^3.


7. In SMS Conversation, new mini window for replying with a Quick Send icon located to the right. No need to hide the QWERTY before sending.

html5test.com  useragent
8. HTML5Test.Com scores 256 with 9 bonus points (it was 226 with 9 bonus points in Belle FP1). The useragent is Webkit 535.1

text selection  new cursor
9. In all text input areas, there's a new look for selecting texts with Copy, Cut and Paste icons. Also new cursors and a mini magnifying glass to make text selection easier.

10. New volume indicator located at the top of the screen in blue colour.

taskmanager popup  filemanager popup
11. Pop up menu (e.g. long press in Task manager or File manager) is bigger. Almost filling the screen.

new qwerty  qwerty popup

12. The new qwerty keyboard is super awesome. New design. New layout, new predictive system ala Windows Phone. And... Multitouch :-) When using the qwerty, long press comma (,) or period (.) to get a popup of mostly used symbols (?!:;'@/)


13. Selecting smileys is easier. It doesn't go fullscreen.

language  language chooser popup

14. New language settting for qwerty. When more than one language is selected, a new icon will be displayed at the bottom of the keyboard to change languages easily.

notes  notes
15. Notes app has a new UI. The main screen has a new icon in the toolbar to create new note. It is more intuitive with Save and Cancel button in individual note. There's also a Notes widget for homescreen.

keyboards & writing languages  predictions

16. Qt-Quick-Components elements & designs are everywhere from the smallest details to the obvious ones. For example there is this new layout for ""Keyboards and writing languages" setting.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog