Microsoft Apps suite 2.1 now available for the N8, E7, C7, etc.

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One possible casualty of last week's Belle Refresh roll out for the Symbian^3 generation smartphones was the Microsoft Apps Suite (OneNote, Office, Lync, PowerPoint Broadcast), which wasn't physically included in the update and, in the event of a hard reset, wasn't then found again in SW_update on the device. A newer version of Microsoft Apps Suite, v2.01, has now appeared in SW_update, so go check your device if you're still missing (and miss) this software.

Moreover, the version (build 5616) of the suite in SW_update for the likes of the E7 and N8 is actually a later build than that on any other current Symbian devices, including the 808 PureView. Prior to today, these older devices had been stuck on Microsoft Apps Suite 2.00. Probably just minor tweaks and bug fixes, but always worth being as up to date as possible.


Note that, now Microsoft has accomodated installing some of the Suite to mass memory, the exact same version is being offered to both E7 and N8, simplifying things for everyone. No doubt build 5616 will appear for newer devices too if it's thought worthwhile.

In addition to OneNote, Office, Lync and PowerPoint Broadcast, Microsoft Apps Suite 2.01 includes a number of improvements to Mail for Exchange and even tweaks to the UI and functionality of Symbian Mail, so if you're a MfE user in particular, I'd recommend installing this platform update.

Note also that, although an entry for this suite is present in the Nokia Store, it's only a stub utility that then downloads all this anyway. So best go via SW_update and be sure.

Source / Credit: Symbian Developers Blog