Opera Mini 7 for Symbian gets 'update 2'

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Everybody's web browser of choice for when bandwidth is in short supply, Opera Mini 7 has received a big update, specifically 'update 2 for Symbian', with improved performance, cosmetics and stability. What's not to like? Links and screens below.

Here's the quoted changelog:

Opera Mini 7 Update 2 includes the following fixes:

  • Improved progress bar behavior when loading big pages
  • Improved font support and text drawing
  • Various fixes and improvements on network level
  • Other stability and bug fixes

You can get the new version in the usual way, by going to m.opera.com in Web on your phone. No doubt update 2 will also appear at some stage in the Nokia Store in the fullness of time.

And here's some screenshot proof. Opera Mini has never been sweeter on my Symbian smartphones, I tell you....



If I had one criticism it would be that sites often see Opera Mini and throw up a resolutely 'mobile' view, when in reality the software can cope with processing and rendering something far more ambitious. But hey, at least content is brought up, even on relatively low speed connections (GPRS/EDGE etc), so it would be churlish to complain, eh?

Source / Credit: Opera Community