CutePress reaches version 2.0

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CutePress, an open source WordPress client which we reviewed earlier this year, has reached its version 2.0 milestone. CutePress is actually based on the source code of the official Wordpress client for Symbian, but with several differences, including a dark theme and use of split-screen keyboard to make text handling easier. In our review, we noted that the official Wordpress client featured a statistics view for hosted blogs which was missing in CutePress. With version 2.0 this view has now been added.

According to the Nokia Store client, the changelog for v2.0 is as follows:

  • Added stats capability
  • Added multi-selection delete/spam operation
  • Added capability for supplying htaccess credentials for self-hosted blogs
  • UI and performance changes
  • Thumbnails for media items

CutePress 2CutePress 2

CutePress 2CutePress 2

Source / Credit: SymbianTweet