Crowd source solving the elusive Symbian wi-fi issue?

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If there's one thing AAS and its readers is good at, it's sharing information about issues, comparing results, and so on. Now... you may have heard me mention (ok, ok, rant about) this on the podcast, but I wondered if starting up this story and comment thread might help others in the same position as me. On one of my Symbian^3/Anna/Belle devices, Wi-fi is simply unusable. On all the others, wi-fi is fine. How can this be? Have you been bitten by a recurring Wi-fi issue? Let's see if we can crowd-source-solve this!


Let's start with my situation. I have a (Virgin media-provided) Netgear router, patched up to date and configured with WPA2 encryption (the default).

Every smartphone and laptop in the house (quite a few!), every loan device, everything connects and streams perfectly on my Wi-fi. Except the Nokia E7. Symptoms are that any downloads of more than a few MB get interrupted by the wi-fi connection failing. So Podcatcher, app downloads all get badly hit and the device is essentially unusable.

Things I've tried:

  • trying the phone on Symbian^3/Anna/Belle/Belle Refresh - same symptoms on all
  • hard resetting the phone (numerous times), right back to square one and rebuilding via Nokia Suite - same symptoms
  • trying the phone on other routers at relatives' houses - same symptoms
  • trying the phone with my router 'opened up' to have no security - all works fine(!), but obviously can't run my household like this!

Now, at this point you're going to conclude, like me, that the E7 is simply fatally flawed, that there's something in its firmware that is buggy and has never been addressed. But then I hear from others whose E7s work perfectly on Wi-fi, but their N8s or C7s have the same symptoms as me. Ditto for others on Nokia Discussions.

There has to be a common factor, something that we're all missing. How can a bug be so elusive that it exhibits the same problem on different phones, all ostensibly running the same OS, yet with symptoms that aren't consistent from model to model?

I've been solving problems in the Symbian world for years and this particular issue has got me totally stumped. Perhaps Nokia too, since the issue has been around for two years now.

Is there any possibility we can solve this here by reporting out own symptoms and use cases? Anyone solved it by any means other than disabling security?