The 808 gets another £45 knocked off

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The vagaries of new smartphone prices over the first few months of their life continue to surprise me. In this case, the Nokia 808 PureView, which was well over £530 on Amazon UK only a couple of weeks ago, is now at £435 with free delivery, which is a far more realistic price and which should see more existing Symbian camera phone owners upgrading.


Expansys also have the same price, but with postage on top. Note that Amazon's price for the white version if still at £480, but that this will probably also drop to £435 shortly.

Considering the camera technology put into the 808, I'd expect the phone's price to stabilise between £400 and £440 for the next few months, I don't see it dropping below £400 until the time comes in 2013 to start getting rid of stock on shelves.

Source / Credit: Amazon