Fireworks and Fashion

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It really does seem as if the Nokia 808 PureView is something of a niche hit, just about anyone who fancies themselves as more of a content creator rather than a content consumer seems to make a beeline for the device. For both stills and video. In this link of interest, there are both featured. Firstly, Jay Montano had been on a quest to find 808-shot fireworks displays - max up the one embedded below, crank up the speakers and enjoy. Secondly, there's a look behind the scenes of 'Kunal Jankee’s Nokia 808 PureView high fashion photography shoot'.

Here's the 808-shot video I was impressed by. Note that the guy filming it really should have used a tripod or rested the phone on something, but most of it is very watchable. He also tries zooming in a little too zealously, and the 808, unsurprisingly, then finds it hard to focus on shooting balls of fire half a mile away. Power tip: long pressing on the display in video mode lets you pick 'hyperfocal', wherein the focus will stay constant and perfect for this sort of task.

In fact, Jay managed to find a load of 808-shot fireworks videos, so if you want more, then take your pick!

Also via Jay is this arty musical look behind the scenes of a pro fashion shoot, with some stunning results achieved using just the 808:


You may remember my feature on capturing your life cinematically with PureView, which covered this whole area - once you know you can shoot anything in stills or video, in any light conditions and with any sound level, nothing becomes off limits!

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog