Nokia Drive compared - Symbian vs Lumia

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WMPowerUser has posted a comparison of Nokia Drive on Windows Phone and Symbian. It's interesting to see such a comparison – especially on a Windows Phone blog – as it's something other tech sites have neglected to do. The key points to take away from the comparison is that, while the Windows Phone version of Nokia Drive has some usability benefits, the Symbian version of Nokia Drive is integrated with Nokia Maps. Both components in Symbian have access to the same set of offline maps – which in certain parts of the world where connectivity is sparse is a critical advantage.

Let’s start with usability! First of all, the Lumia is the winner in this point. It has a fast, easy and smooth interface. The Symbian’s interface is a bit more complicated and laggy, also some elements in the deeper settings are not car friendly with its small buttons and elements. I don’t know if it’s because the smaller screen, but the navigation screen’s map is somehow smaller than on the lumia…

Nokia Drive 3Nokia Drive 3

Nokia Drive 3Nokia Drive 3

Nokia Drive for Lumia

But I also have to admit, some elements are more accessible on Symbian, for example “drive home”. While on the Lumia you have to go to options -> destination -> favorites, your home address is available as one of the direct points on the start screen in Symbian’s app. A plus for Windows Phone is the possibility to pin destinations to the start screen, which Symbian doesn’t support. This allows you a quick navigation to your most important places and is very innovative! I think every Navigation should have this option.

Ovi MapsOvi MapsOvi Maps

Nokia Drive for Symbian

Source / Credit: WMPowerUser