Symbian Spotted at Olympic Ceremony

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While watching the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games, among the sea of athletes filming proceedings with their phones, I spotted a familiar set of green, white and red lights. No, it wasn't the Italian flag. It was, in fact, a Symbian phone, as concurred by friend of this site, James Whatley. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to save any evidence of this sighting. Fortunately though, Jay Montano of My Nokia Blog was quick enough to grab the screen-capture shown below.

I think it's safe to say from the profile of the device that it was a Nokia C7, with the Nokia 701 being an outside chance.

C7 Olympics

On one hand, given the number of Symbian devices in existence, it shouldn't be so strange to see that at least one of the hundreds of athletes was carrying one.

On the other hand though, any fan of any platform can tell you about the little spark of pride that's felt when one of their devices appears on the television. Given that Symbian's popularity is now dwindling, and most TV shots of mobile-toting athletes last night seemed to suggest that Samsung and Apple were in vogue - it was even more heartening to see one our favourite Symbian devices on duty capturing treasured memories for someone who was having the time of their life.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog