The Layman's take on Technology and the 'legendary' Nokia 808 PureView

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Nitish Kumar, writing at the (not very accurately named, since it's quite technically detailed!) 'Layman's take on Technology' blog, has done a fairly technical and detailed multi-thousand word write up on the Nokia 808 PureView, as a fan of Nokia's camera phones in the past in particular. Despite the stilted English in some places, it's well worth a read if you have a spare fifteen minutes or so. Enjoy the device photos in particular - but then you'd expect great images from a fan of previous mobile camera devices!

From Nitish's review:

Its very hard to say NO for any device like Nokia Pureview 808, even though rest of the experience feels seriously outdated in reference with changed habits of users over the time. Apple failed to make an impact over emerging markets but Android has hit the ground level at there too. Best in class camera is still important for people but the same time, other sharing services too. They need Instagram, they need their Social apps to be at par with other platforms once they finish shooting. Nokia Belle FP1 sure ups the game a little but its still insufficient to pull people back who have given themselves to other platforms.

But if we look back over positives, then considering the fact that Nokia N8 kept its legacy till now, it doesn’t seem that there is any challenge to Nokia Pureview 808 in coming years and if you are not with it then you will be living with a compromise on that front even after knowing that the solution is out there. There will not be any mobile Camera at par with Nokia Pureview 808 in coming 1-2 years for sure considering the fact that Symbian is optimized for such Camera and other platforms still in learning phase.

In addition, Symbian means real multi-tasking, most accurate voice navigation in industry and some other special benefits like Nokia Music unlimited downloads of DRM free music. So, if you decide to buy Nokia Pureview, then you are assured of some big perks that are definitely not available with others.

What could be a better travel companion for one other than a Camera Phone like Nokia Pureview 808 that does provide world’s best voice based navigation for your car with using even Data services, remains connected all the time due to strong signals & Penta Band, doesn’t make you miss any moment due to the details it capture with each shot, allows you to share them effortlessly (due to lower size of Pureview shots, <1mb each), entertains you with music via either services like Nokia Music or even saved songs via USB OTG or SD Card support and during all this time runs longer than any of other platform due to prolonged battery life of Symbian.

At the end, again its on you to buy it or not coz considering the premium price, if you buy it then you will miss a few things and if you don’t then you obviously miss the best Mobile Camera in the world.

Good stuff, Nitish, and well done both for the depth of your research throughout the writing of the full piece and for the great device photos, all of which can be clicked on in order to get the full-size version. Here's my favourite:

808 and N8

Source / Credit: Nitish Kumar