USA-bought Nokia 808s get Youtube and Facebook Share updates

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Seems like Nokia is gradually getting round to fixing the bits of the Nokia 808 which didn't work in the first retail firmwares. Available now in the USA are two updates, fixing the broken Facebook share button (in Gallery) in the USA 808 firmware (which works fine in other world firmwares, curiously) and adding YouTube sharing. Hopefully the latter will also roll out to other 808 product codes in due course. Or maybe a (much needed) full Gallery function overhaul is coming to other world versions of the device?

You can check your 808 by going into Sw_update - and also by plugging it into Nokia Suite or typing *#0000# into the dialler.

From The Nokia Blog (via Symbian Tweet)

If you bought a Nokia 808 Pureview from Amazon, you may have noticed the Facebook share button didn’t work and Youtube wasn’t available. These two options are now available in Software Update.

Facebook is the default upload option while Flickr and Youtube are in Options, then Share.



Like many people, I do wish Nokia would drastically simplify their system of a bazillion product codes for different countries and regions. In the 808's case, there aren't even that many network/operator variants, but it's SIM-free almost everywhere. Anyway, stay tuned for this and other updates....

Source / Credit: The Nokia Blog