Nokia Software Updater for Mac ceases development

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Nokia Beta Labs has announced that it is to cease development of its 'Nokia Software Updater' application for Mac computers. Unfortunately for Apple users, this means it will not graduate to a fully fledged Nokia product. However, the team involved have committed to keeping the beta version of the application available in its current form. Therefore, if you have been using this, it will continue to work for you for the time being and the installer will remain up for download. Also bear in mind that all Symbian devices come with an over the air software update application built-in for major software and firmware updates.

The notice read:

The time has come to conclude the Nokia Software Updater for Mac trial. We have got very valuable feedback from this trial in the past 1½ years and would like to thank all of you who have participated in it. 

Although development on the Mac version is not continuing, the application will continue to work and we will leave the installer in place as well.

- Nokia Beta Labs

With the ever-growing bonds between Nokia and Microsoft, the cessation of development of the suite for Mac OS X is perhaps not surprising. Still, there's no reason why this should stop working anytime soon and it's not as if we're missing any major functionality as-is.

Source / Credit: Nokia Beta Labs