Tube Status brings Live London Tube Times to Symbian

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Finding your way around the London underground can be overwhelming at the best of times, especially so just now while there are so many visitors coming to the Olympics. With that in mind, having a app on your phone to give you up to date information is almost essential, well that and a map! Tube Status comes to help out by delivering line status and live departure ties to your Symbian device.

Tube Status is a cleanly designed Qt app which gives you a no nonsense presentation of live data on London's tube network based on data made available by Transport for London (TfL).

The app begins by giving a list of all the network's lines. They're accented with the corresponding colour to the we'll known underground map, and each has a status icon son you can see at-a-glance which lines are okay and where there are problems.

Tapping through to an individual line presents you with a list of all the stops on that line. Then, tapping a stop gives you the estimated time of arrival of the net few trains in each direction, with instructions for which platform number corresponds to each direction.

There is also a weekend summary view so you can look ahead to see if planned works will disrupt your travel plans.

The main thing that I feel is missing from this application is a complementary map of the tube network with an overlay of delay information. Instead, you'll have to use a separate application to let you navigate during your journey. I feel this is a missed opportunity as the potential is there to have the app calculate the optimal route between two points by accounting for delays.

Given that Tube Status is free in the Nokia Store - the price is right.