Rush Hour goes 2.0, Dandelions Pro II apes the SGS III

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Arjun Arora remains one of my favourite theme makers on Symbian, here debuting two of his latest creations. Rush Hour 2.0 takes the concept of the original dark red theme and produces a dark blue alternative, with even more extensive third party icon support, while Dandelions Pro II aims to take some of the look of the best selling Samsung Galaxy S III (you know, the one 'inspired by nature, designed for humans'?) and bring it to Symbian. Screenshots from both commercial themes, and links, below.

The aim, as always, is to provide an attractive theme that makes your phone feel 'new' again, while keeping the overall feel fairly dark so that the theme doesn't burn through too much AMOLED screen power drain on modern handsets.

Here's Rush Hour 2.0 installed:



Nice, subdued yet colourful background, even the custom circular icons are all very recognisable.

Rush Hour 2.0 is free for the next month at the Nokia Store here.

Here's the commercial theme 'Dandelions Pro II' installed:



Although the look is obviously aimed at copying the Galaxy S III's default wallpaper, it does work quite well on Symbian here. There's also a sister theme to this in the Store with a 'blurred' background on the main menu, but otherwise the same.

You can buy Dandelions Pro II at the Nokia Store here, currently £1.50

UPDATE: Rush Hour 2.0 and Dandelions Pro II  have now both been updated with even more extensive third party icon sets.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store