Blob becomes a bi-blogging client

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Remember our review of the Blogger client, Blob? When we looked at version 1.01, while we hoped for more features in the future, it was a commendable effort. The developer, Anand Bibek, has now released version two which supports accounts too. By addressing two blogging communities the application is addressing a larger audience, but note that it does not, yet, support self-hosted Wordpress blogs.

Now that Blob has moved into the world of Wordpress, readers may inevitably compare this application to CutePress. However, the developer states on his blog that:

You might say that we already have cutepress for that, but FYI, Blob is using a diff API, which has a few extra abilities, and few missing functions. I don't want any competition with CutePress, so kindly, don't compare.. It's different things from different aspects

According to the Nokia Store, the changelog is as follows:

  • Read, edit, create and delete posts and comments in different blogs
  • HTML5 enabled post viewer
  • Add labels, set custom publishing date and time in posts
  • Comes with one of the best and convenient rich text editor ever made
  • A special clipboard manager feature for hardcore bloggers
  • Offline reading and offline drafts option
  • Optimized for speed and low data usage
  • Pull to refresh


Source / Credit: Anand Bibek