Rita's Nokias and the realisation of her dream

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Rita el-Khoury should be a name that rings a bell with many here on All About Symbian, as she'd been one of the most well known bloggers in the Nokia and Symbian sphere from about 2006 through to about 2011. Her day job has been to create, from scratch, a pharmacy in the Lebanon, realising her dream to work for herself doing a job that she loves. And, along the way, snapping it with a variety of Nokia camera phones, always with her to snap progress. In the video below, shot on the 808 PureView, she shares some of this dream.

A few notes before you watch:

  • Although the 808 is capable of full 1080p HD, Rita had to shoot in 480p because Internet speeds in the Lebanon weren't up to the job of uploading full resolution video. Don't let this put you off though, it's still very watchable
  • Some of the Nokia-shot photos included were taken of Rita, which means that some workman or relative was roped in to take the shot - with inevitable lack of focus and blurry-cam results! What Rita needed to hand over was one of Nokia's EDoF units! 8-)

Somewhat touchingly, Rita uses the Nokia Lumia promo music in the video and also signs off with the 'Amazing Everyday' slogan characteristic of the Lumia promotions. I guess she's got her eye on that Windows Phone 8 PureView device later this year....!