Nokia Store for S60 gets an official update too

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Following on from the official update to the official Nokia Store for Symbian^3 class smartphones, we now have an official update to the S60 one too, i.e. for S60 5th Edition touchscreen phones and non-touch S60 3rd Edition, v1.30(5) screenshotted below. The changes are better performance and support for extra payment methods. Recommended for all older phones - note the update is rolling out, only one of my test devices (shown below) has received it so far. So be patient.

Store updateStore update successful

Getting the update, once available for your region, is as easy as starting the Store client - you'll be prompted to update. Note that the actual download for older S60 phones is accomplished via Web, so after updating you may wish to switch away to Web and close that down if needed.

As ever with Nokia Store updates, recommending is highly recommended as it keeps your device more current with changes happening at Nokia's servers.

Source / Credit: Symbian Tweet