Erja Lyytinen at Rauma Blues 2012

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The Nokia 808 is fast becoming the way to conveniently capture a live gig, the Rich Recording is light years beyond what even the N8 could capture in terms of high volume, high quality audio. Add in a tripod, as on the video from Erja Lyytinen @ Rauma Blues 2012 embedded below, and the result is, simply stunning. Crank up the volume on your speakers or headphones and you'd swear you were listening to desk audio from the gig and not phone-shot video.

The blues itself (of which there's a fair 15 minute chunk) is decent, though not up to Clapton/Bonamassa standard. Still once you start watching and have maximised the playback window and audio, I think you'll be hooked until the end.

Stunning, eh? Even I have trouble believing this was shot on a phone. I tell ya', word is going to get out, the 808 is going to be a viral success for Nokia, let's hope it isn't too embarrassed by the 'S' word these days....

Source / Credit: Nokialino